How long do I have to wait for my order?

We always do our best to make everything run smoothly, please take into account a waiting time of about 30 minutes. The waiting times become longer during peak times.
These are difficult to predict but these are some guidelines:
Winter: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 20:00
Summer: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18:00 to 21:00

Until where do you deliver?

On the main page of our website you can find a handy tool where you can enter your street. You will immediately know wheteher we can also deliver to you.
Is your street not listed? Sorry, this is due to the fact that we can no longer guarantee the quality, otherwise we would have loved to come to you.

Can I place an order for tomorrow?

Yes, that's possible! Through this website you can place 24/24 orders, you can indicate the delivery or pick up and this a week in advance.

Will my delivery come alone or will it be combined with those of other customers?

To ensure quality, no deliveries are combined. We only drive with your personal order.

How much do I have to pay to have it delivered?

For home delivery, a minimum order amount of € 10,00 is applied. Free delivery is possible from € 40,00.

What should I do if my delivery is incorrect?

We strive to deliver only correct deliveries but sometimes something can go wrong. We advise you to inform us immediately via the contact form. You can expect a quick solution. If it fits within the planning, someone will come along with the correct order. If this is no longer possible, the price will be converted into a discount. This discount is immediately deducted from a subsequent order.

Until what time before closing time can I order?

It is possible to place an order 30 minutes before closing time for the same day to deliver or pick up.

Do you ask the same prices as in the shops?

Yes, we ask exactly the same prices.

Can I also place an order by phone?

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to place an order by phone. From experience, we know that telephone orders do contain an error faster, due to incorrect communication. Therefore, from now on only order through this website. Thanks in advance!

I would like to cancel my order, how does that work?

When ordering food online, timing is very important! If you contact us immediately after placing your order, it may still be possible to cancel this order. If this order is already prepared or is on the way, it can unfortunately no longer be canceled.